Vidal Plastics Proprietary Products

With the technical expertise neccesary to understand customer needs and the correct balance between material formulation and value proposition, Vidal Plastics' technical team will offer the best value to your project and organization.
SOLEM - Polypropylene


Solem is our brand name for Polypropylene and includes both prime grades and recycle grades. The different grades are identifiable by their unique nomenclature. Solem means the sun.

AMPLUS - Polycarbonate


As with other grades Polycarbonate has a latin inspired brand name. Amplus means imposing and strong, Polycarbonate is also strong and widely used in the industry.



ABS is a material that is used in this industry for many applications but in many cases these applications are visual, for example the interior of a car. Insignis refers to something that is worth looking at and admiring.

SICCUS - Nylon (Polyamide)


Nylon is the preferred material to use in elevated heat applications while maintaining a cost conscientious approach to your project. The material is strong and temperature resistant just like its name suggests. 

Other Materials


Vidal Plastics can help you with many other materials or blends that will fit your project needs. We have the correct expertise to find the most fitting solution to your project needs. Materials like TPE/O, PBT, HIPS, PC/ABS, and more.