Machine Operator (Extruder)

We are looking for a energetic team member willing to take advantage of growth opportunities with an expanding young company

Vidal Plastics is looking for a machine operator to run a plastic extruder/compounding line. In addition, the person will have to be a forklift operator to move packages and material within the storage, production and shipping facilities. The forklift operator will move materials with the utmost care to ensure efficiency and safety. Perform other duties as requested by management.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Weigh compounds and pour compounds into hoppers/mixing blenders.

  • Weight finish goods boxes and maintain logs

  • Interact with machine set-up personnel

  • Operate mixing machine

  • Ensure conformance to specifications.

  • Fill machine hoppers

  • Regulate machine temperature, volume, pressure, and time

  • Maintain cleanliness

  • Unload materials and merchandise from incoming vehicles and stack them to assigned places

  • Locate and move stock of products to pallets or crates for storage or shipment

  • Identify damages and report shortages or quality deficiencies

  • Transport raw materials to production workstations

  • Inspect machinery to determine the need for repairs and guarantee safety by performing regular maintenance

  • Keep updated records of inventory and activity logs

  • Comply with company policies and legal guidelines

  • Help maintain a safe and orderly environment of the facilities



  • Experience as forklift operator

  • Attention to detail and familiarity with industrial equipment

  • Excellent physical condition and coordination

  • High school diploma


- Training provided (Paid)

- Compensation starting @ $14.00/hr for available second and third shift (overtime available)

Interested individual please send email with resume attached to or mailed to 4200 Upper Mt Vernon Rd, Evansville, IN 47712. Appointment required.